Short Essay on Fortune Favors the Brave

Fortune Favors the Brave

We all live expecting to experience goodness, prosperity, abundance, and so much more. That is the motivating factor for a lot of people as they work hard and smart to achieve their goals and attain all these. But without boldness, one may never experience them.

This famous phrase “Fortune Favors the Brave” is as true as it can be and People have lived to prove it. Being brave in life is vital for success. If you look at everyone who lives the kind of life you dream of, you will realize that they were bold enough to pursue what they wanted out of life.

Fear paralyzes the abilities you have and snatches your brilliant future away from you. We all have to make up our minds that we will be brave in life to be successful and create a fortune.

Why fortune favors the Brave?

You will be able to make the necessary decisions

There are decisions that you must make to pave the way for fortune. There are sacrifices that you have to make, and if you do not have the heart or courage to do it, you may never be successful. Not all decisions or sacrifices are pleasant but being brave helps you understand that the outcome will be more than the best.

You will be able to seize opportunities boldly

There are so many opportunities that come to us, but we fear to grab them because of a few seasons. For instance, in an investment, you may want to invest a certain amount, but you cannot look beyond the risks involved. When a person opts not to invest, they may cheat themselves out of wealth.

You will be able to step out of your comfort zone

There are opportunities that we have let them slip through our fingers because we do not like to try anything that is outside our comfort zone. One thing to note is that everything that you need to create a fortune is outside your comfort zone.

Fortune and braveness walk hand in hand. Dare to be brave today, and you will be glad.

By Lorah