Short Essay on Freedom Comes with Responsibility

Freedom Comes with Responsibility

Living without any freedom can make you feel as though life is chocking you. Luckily we live in an era where we have a lot of rights and freedom. At an individual level, there are things that you wish you were able to do, but you cannot do them because of certain restrictions. The restrictions make you feel as though you are in prison. When these restrictions are abolished, you are released and able to do all you want to do. However, in everything, you must proceed with caution, and you must be responsible.

Freedom without responsibility will lead to a lot of adverse effects in as much as you may mean well. You ought to always exercise care at all times.

Reasons why you must be responsible where there is freedom

You may abuse it

Without being conscious of the sense of responsibility, you will abuse the opportunity given to you to do or say what you want. You will be careless in your actions and talk, and the chances of offending others will be higher.

Freedom may corrupt you

Freedom gives people a lot of power and power can corrupt a person without them knowing it. In the world, people have a lot of freedom. Some people end up being so perverse. The sense that they can do or say anything makes some people do and say things that can shake you to the core of your being.

Your actions and speech affects others

Without being responsible, you will cross paths with a lot of people. In as much as you can do and say anything, you have to be able to think about the other person and not yourself alone. Think about their feelings and opinions.

It shows that you are trustworthy

When someone removes a lot of restrictions around you, it shows that they trust you. When you act responsibly, you are proving them right. You are indicating that you can handle yourself and take care of ‘your business’ like they expect you to do.

Freedom without responsibility can be chaotic. But responsibility will tame everyone’s actions and speech.

By Lorah