Short Essay on Freedom Struggle of India

Freedom Struggle of India

A lot of countries have a lot of stories to tell about their struggle for independence and India is no exception. This gorgeous and wealthy country has a lot of history to share on their fight against foreign invasion.

The struggle for India’s independence was marked by a great revolution that broke out in the mid 19th century. Before then, India had been occupied by a lot of foreign people. However, the British were the ones that took India and ruled over it for almost twenty decades.

In 1757, there was a war that is famously known as the battle of Plassey. After this war, the British gained political power over India and brought it under their rule. With Lord Dalhousie as the Governer-General (1848), the British authority’s roots went deeper into India. In 1856, the administration was unshakeable.

1857’S Mutiny

By 1857, the Indian citizens were very discontent with the British rule over them, and their discontent caused a revolution amongst different groups starting with the military soldiers located at Meerut. The rebellion lasted around a year and ended in 1858 but accomplished a lot.

Indian National Congress (1885-1905)

The INC was formed in 1885 and was a political organization made up of Indians only. It was full of moderates who had a little trust in the British. They wanted to enlighten them on the plight of the Indians believing that they will resolve them. While they did not achieve too much, they succeeded in awakening the people and educating them about politics.

Militant Nationalist (1906-1919)

This is an era that a lot of radicals rose within the National Congress. These were young people who realized the real intentions of the British and what it meant for Indians. They captured the organization from the inside.

They accomplished a lot of things. Because of the extremists, the Indian Council Act was passed in 1909, and 1911 saw the annulment of the partition of Bengal.

From 1920, a lot of things happened and were pioneered by Gandhi who was in India by that time. A lot of revolutions came up, and the ‘Quit India Movement’ of 1942 helped propel the journey towards self-rule. By 15th August 1947, India was declared a sovereign and democratic country after the separation British India into Pakistan and India.

By Lorah