Short Essay on Fuel


We all use fuel for one function or the other. Typically, fuel is defined as anything that you remove heat energy and light energy when you burn it. There are different sources and different types of fuels. We also use these fuels for different purposes.

Fuel uses

We use fuel for

  • Cooking
  • Electricity production
  • In automotive
  • For heating

Three Types of Fuels

Solid Fuels

These are those sources of heat and light energy that occur as solids in room temperature. Examples include wood, coal, charcoal, cow dung, and others.


  • Quick transportation
  • Low production cost
  • Convenient for storage
  • Ignition temperature is moderate


  • High ash content
  • Heat wastage
  • Difficult to control combustion operation

Liquid fuels

These are those that occur as liquids in room temperature. They originate from fossils of plants and animals. When they are under heat and pressure, they form liquid fuels. Examples include petroleum, oils, alcohols, coal tar, and others.


  • Ease of transportation
  • Their calorific value is very high
  • It is easy to fire it up and put out the fire
  • They do leave behind ashes or dust
  • You can store them for a very long time
  • They have great cleanliness, and thus heat loss is minimal
  • Do not need excess air for combustion


  • Their odor is bad
  • Need unique vessels for storage
  • They need burners with unique construction or spraying apparatus
  • They can be hazardous when highly flammable

Gaseous fuels

Most of these fuels are made of hydrogen, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, or mixtures. Some examples include natural gases, liquid petroleum gases, gases from coal, refinery gases, and more.


  • They are clean
  • Ease of transportation
  • They are easy to light
  • Do not produce smoke
  • They do not leave dust or ashes
  • They do not have impurities
  • High heat contents


  • they are highly flammable
  • need excellent storage tanks

All these fuels are essential and beneficial at one point or the other. They are all good for what they do.

By Lorah