Short Essay on Garbage Problem

Garbage Problem

Garbage problem is a real issue in a lot of societies and the world at large. Reports show that globally, we stand to collect 11 million tonnes of garbage in a day. This is an extremely high number because it shows that the generation rate is also high.

Solid waste must be dealt with worldwide because it has adverse effects.

The results of the garbage problem

Environmental pollution

Solid waste pollutes the environment. When the garbage is piled up, it will start to rot. In the process, it produces a bad stench that can be unbearable. There will be no fresh air for people t enjoy because of this. Other than that, there are instances where methane gas is produced. This gas is explosive, and it plays a significant role in the greenhouse effect.

It robs the earth of its aesthetic appeal

Planet earth is strikingly beautiful, but solid waste hides all that. The spread of overflowing garbage leaves no room for beauty. This significantly affects tourism activities in individual countries, cities, and towns.

Health problems for human beings

When garbage piles up, it provides a thriving ground for bacteria, insects, and vermin to breed successfully. It is quick for you to fall sick in such an environment because there will always be flies ready to land on you and your meals after coming from the garbage site. They will cause contamination, and you will end up with typhoid fever, diarrhea, food poisoning, and other health problems.

Poses a danger to the marine life

Environmental pollution not only affects the people but every other living thing and especially the aquatic life. When the solid waste piles up and comes to contact with liquids, chemical products can form, and they will find their way into the water. This changes the chemical composition of the aquatic environment. Ultimately, most if not all of the marine life will be affected.

The world needs to go green and find better means for disposing of waste. The initiative has to start at a personal level. If not, we will fail ourselves and the environment. The consequences are evident.

By Lorah