Short Essay on Go Green, Go Clean

Go Green, Go Clean

Different people have different definitions of going green. Even so, in all these definitions, you will realize that the things emphasized include saving energy, reducing environmental pollution, and saving money.

Therefore, going green is anything that you do to ensure you save the energy, you reduce pollution of the environment, and you save money. When you go green, you are going clean automatically. In case you are wondering what you can do to go green, here are a few tips.

Tips for going green and clean

Use biodegradable products and focus on recycling

There are always products that you will use, and they will find their way to the environment. Ensure that these products are biodegradable. Also, try to recycle everything that you can instead of throwing them away. This includes cans, clothes, and other things.

Watch your energy consumption

Install energy saving bulbs whenever possible. If electrical appliances are not in use, switch them off and unplug them. Learn to wash your clothes with cold water since machine washing takes a lot of heat energy to heat the water. Dry your clothes on a hanging line or drying rack other than machine drying.

Reduce usage of your car

If you can walk from point A to point B, do so. Alternatively, you can use a bicycle. It does not emit any gases to the atmosphere. You will save the environment and your money (for more gas and packing cost) at once.

Drink tap water

A water filter will always be better as compared to regularly buying bottled water. You will reduce container garbage and save money.

Do not buy something if you can borrow it

It there is any tool or appliance that you do not use regularly, and you can borrow your neighbor or rent out, do not buy. This will save your money.

Purchase foods from locals

Locally available foods are less expensive than getting them from stores. Buy organic vegetables, eggs, meat, dairy, and so on.

There is a worldwide   call for people to go green to save the environment as well as ourselves. Join the wagon and help to improve the environment.

By Lorah