Short Essay on Good Behavior

Good Behavior

Good behavior means that a person conducts themselves properly. This can be seen in their actions, their talk, their walk, and so one. The best time to instill good behavior in a person is when they are still young. That is why a lot of people who are ill-mannered makes you question their upbringing.

Parenting and good behavior

When parenting, one should not just be concerned about whether the child has eaten or not; whether they are well rested or not; whether they are growing up healthily or not, among other issues. They need to be also concerned about the development of their personalities and their behaviors.

A lot of times, parents do not give too much attention to some of the bad behaviors that children show while they are young. The reason is that they assume they will outgrow the behavior. They blamed on their age and let them get away with these behaviors. This is mainly with the young mothers of this generation.

As the parent that spends most times with the child, some mothers are afraid of disciplining children when they show bad behavior. Punishments are sometimes necessary to eliminate bad behavior and instill acceptable ones. ‘Punishment’ here does not mean that you should beat up the child.

As a parent, you need to come up with ‘healthy’ punishments for bad behaviors and ways of instilling good behavior. Letting a child get away with a constant display of bad behavior will affect them as they grow up. They will get used to it instead of outgrowing it as you may have thought. The bad behavior will be a part of their character.

As a parent, strive to instill acceptable morals as you raise your kid. Pay close attention to how they conduct themselves in different places and under different situations. When you notice an unpleasant behavior, deal with it immediately to eliminate it. Show them the right way and right behavior with a lot of love. You will be glad about how they will turn out to be when they become adults. The value for good behavior will not depart from them.

By Lorah