Short Essay on Good Deeds Reflect Good Character

Good Deeds Reflect Good Character. Your deeds are those things that you do unto others whether they are above you or ‘below’ you. Your actions and attitudes towards others are a reflection of who you are deep inside. The reason is that you are not different from what you say or what you do. When you are always doing good, it shows that your character is equally as good.

The Bible likens a man to a tree, and it states that you can tell a good tree from a bad one by the fruits that is will produce. This is an excellent comparison and very relevant to us. Like a tree, a person produces fruits. Their frits can be in the form of their actions and their words. When these two are pleasant, it is because everything about you is good.

In as much as this phrase is accurate sometimes, you must always be careful before you make conclusions. Not every good deed can be a show of good character. That is because people have become perfectionists at hiding their real nature behind good deeds.

Watch that you are not deceived!

Take time to observe these good deeds and how consistent the person has been over time. Look at their previous actions and weigh if their good deeds outweigh everything else. One good thing cannot erase a multitude of wrongs. It will also not convert a person’s character in a blink of an eye. Doing good must be the nature of a person for them to reflect their personality. This means that the motivation behind the good deed also counts.

A lot of people do good things out of selfish reasons. They look at what they stand to gain, and they see the good deed as the small ‘price’ they have to pay. Since the motivation behind the act is selfishness, regardless of what they do, their character will remain to be terrible. The purest at heart are those that do good to others every time without any expectations in return and when they have nothing to gain.

Good deeds can say a lot about a person’s character. But be more cautious before you make judgments.

By Lorah