Short Essay on Health


The definition of health varies a lot. Even so, the World Health Organization has a brilliant definition of the term ‘health.’ A lot of people think that they are healthy because they have no health conditions neither are they sick. But being healthy goes beyond the lack of diseases or infections in our bodies. As WHO states it, health has to do also with ones physical, mental, and social wellness.

When one experiences change, whether in their bodies or a change of environment, the body always adjusts in a bid to adapt to the changes and maintaining homeostasis. The constant changes caused one’s health to be dynamic.

How to maintain your health

Eat well

Eating well means that you eat a well-balanced diet every day and eating healthy foods. Healthy foods are those with nutritional value. Avoid processed foods and focus more on organic foods.

Get enough rest

Healthy sleeping habits are encouraged for everyone. You need an excellent night sleep because that is the time for your body to replenish.

Engage in physical exercise

Physical exercise is crucial because they help you to stay physically fit. It will help to facilitate fats break down to release energy. It also refreshes the mind and helps to boost your mood.

Pay attention to personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is crucial for everyone. Take a bath regularly and wear clean clothes, brush your teeth, sun-dry your clothes, and wash your hands with soap and water after visiting the washrooms and before handling or eating food. Personal hygiene prevents self-contamination.

Take care of your mental health

Mental health covers emotional, psychological, and social wellness. Find healthy ways of dealing with your emotions. Surround yourself with people who are mentally healthy. Have a confidant in life so that you share your troubles with. Associate with people who improve you. If you feel you need professional help to cope with certain situations, do not be afraid to say it.

Your health is crucial. Mental and physical health walk hand in hand and one will interfere with the other. Therefore, make it your responsibility to stay physically and mentally healthy.

By Lorah