Short Essay on Impact of Media on the Society

Impact of Media on the Society

The media is an essential part of the society today. Typically, the term means a medium of mass communication, and it encompasses broadcasts, publications, and the internet. As a part of the society, the media play a lot of different roles. It has impacted the nation in so many different ways.

Positive impacts

It brings people closer

The internet and technology have done a great job to make the world a global village. Making contact has become very easy, and people feel closer to each other regardless of the distance. This is through social media platforms that are made possible with internet connect connections.

Better dissemination of information

Disseminating information is more effective with the different forms of media we have. People can get information in the way they prefer.

Media shapes opinions

Governments, companies, groups, and organizations use the media to shape people opinions daily. A positive coverage is the only thing needed, and everyone will be swayed.

Excellent tool for mobilizing the people

The media is excellent for mass communication, and it has proved useful for mass mobilization of people towards a given course.

Makes access to all types of information quick

Through the internet, people can get all kinds of data across the world within a snap of a finger. One can get the information via their phones, computers, or smart TVs.

Negative Impacts

Moral corruption

The internet is full of perverse things that can corrupt people.

Internet bullying

A lot of people have experienced social media bullying over time. People gang up against an individual, and they pour insults on them as well as threats.

Can cause irreversible damage once information is out

The media can be used by malicious people to spread rumors, and it can be hard to control the damage once the news hits the public.

These are a few of the positive and negative impacts of media in the society.

By Lorah