Short Essay on Importance of Experience in Life

Experience is something that happens to you and ultimately alters your feelings, perceptions, and actions. It is also defined as the process that you go through to acquire knowledge concerning a particular subject matter either through practice, exposure, or involvement.

As you live, there are a lot of things that you will go through that will form your experiences in life. These experiences are crucial.

Importance of Experience in Life

They enlighten you: experiences bring enlightenment. As you go through some situations in life, it is time to learn everything you can about the situation and everything and everyone involved.

They help you make better decisions in life: there are times when people talk to us about the choices we want to make to help us. However, because of selfish desires, we end up making decisions we think are good for us and thus ignoring the better judgment. But from experience you will have, you will know better next time. You will make a sounder decision because of experience.

They shape us and become a part of us: what you experience, go through, or learn will form your opinions, feelings, actions, and responses. They will become a part of your life that no one can take. They will contribute a lot to the person you will become afterward.

Experiences make us feel alive: there are times when we live our lives and slowly let it pass us by. This can happen when you stick on the same routine day and night without doing anything new. Going through life in the same ‘state’ can be tedious, but an unforgettable experience will awaken your mind and soul. You will feel alive after a very long time. Whether a positive or negative one, you will feel alive. Remember, pain also makes us alive and human.

They give us reference points: while experiences do not necessarily have to be a teacher, they can be a reference point that one can use to learn from or teach others.

Value all the experiences you have because they are the foundation of life.

By Lorah