Short Essay on Industrialization


Industrialization means the process of transforming a country, city, or society from being primarily an agricultural one to an industrial one where it focuses more on manufacturing. The term has also been defined as a wide-scale introduction of industries in a country or society.

During the industrial revolution eras in different countries and areas, humanity changed drastically. The world was opened up to a lot of positive impacts. However, the process did not lack a few negatives.

Positive Impacts

Employment opportunities

Industrialization opened up a lot of employment opportunities to a lot of jobless people. People have the chance to be employed and make a living for themselves and their families.

The rise in living standards

Industrialization helped to improve the living conditions of the people thanks to the many employment opportunities that it offered. Other than that, it also helped with the development of other sectors of life such as transportation, housing, technology, and so on. All these make life better.

Large-scale productions

Because of increased manufacturing activities, the manufacturing of consumer goods escalated, and everyone could have access. The products also became more affordable. Other than that, it also gives people a large variety of brands to choose from.

Development of skills

Technology is used in a lot of industries. As they are introduced, people need to improve their skills to match the technology and be able to operate them.

Negative effects


The environmental pollution problems we are facing now are as a result of industrialization. An enormous amount of pollutants come from industries. This has been a significant concern, and now industries are trying to be eco-friendly.

Overpopulation in cities

Cities are the ones with numerous industries. Therefore, a lot of people tend to run to cities to have a share of the cake. The influx of people causes more harm such as the development of slums among other things.

Depletion of natural resources

A lot of industries use natural resources for manufacturing specific products. With time, the resources get depleted.

Industrialization is suitable for development. Even so, companies should proceed with caution to minimize adverse effects.

By Lorah