Short Essay on Internet


The definition of the term ‘internet’ states that it is a global system that is formed by different computer networks that are interconnected. The computer devices us the internet protocol suite to link to other devices.

The internet has significant impacts to the world, and we are all enjoying the benefits. Here are some of the positive and negative effects.

Positive impacts

It makes research simpler

The internet has made research a smooth and convenient process and particularly for students. Today, one can access information wherever they are from the internet. With all the online publications we have, nothing will be complicated.

Ease of communications

The internet provides the smoothest way of communicating. A person can communicate with loved ones across the globe at any time. Mobile phone applications make things more interesting with video calls.

Transforming the business world

Now, people can do businesses online thanks to the ability to create online stores. It makes running a business more manageable and less costly. People can also shop from across the world.

Speedy dissemination and access to information

A lot of people turn to the internet for information. It means that whenever something comes up, people will hear of it within minutes.

Creates job opportunities

The internet led to a rise in new job descriptions such as social media marketing, SEO copywriter, bloggers, and so on.

Negative Impacts


There are people on the internet who defraud others. They pretend to offer particular products or services only for them to disappear into thin air after you make your payments. Tracing them becomes a problem because sometimes you are from different countries and they are smart enough to erase their footprints.

Internet bullying

Bullying is also another problem in our generation. People tend to gang up against an individual because of one reason or the other. This happens a lot with public figures whose lives are always under scrutiny.

Access to perverse content

On the internet, you will find a lot of different contents and all topics. Some of the materials are perverse and accessible. This may corrupt them.

The internet is an excellent invention and has revolutionized the world. Even so, we all need to be careful about the negatives.

By Lorah