Short Essay on Inventors and Inventions

Inventors and Inventions

Throughout the existence of humans, we have seen a lot of inventions that helped to improve life and make it better. Here is a list of some of the most famous inventions and their inventors.

The computer

The invention of the computer was brilliant. Charles Babbage was the mind behind this invention. Even though it was a mechanical computer, it laid the foundation for the machines we have today

The World Wide Web

Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web, and it was first published in 1991 in August. Mr. Tim is an engineer and computer scientists. The world wide web is the network that we all use today to access the internet.

The Telephone

Alexander Bell was the one that invented the first telephone, and this was the first step that landed us telecommunication. Other than that, he also worked on hydrofoils, optical communications, and aeronautics.

The Incandescent light

Thomas Edison invented the incandescent electric light that was practical for home use, was economical, and safe. Other people worked on electrical lighting, but Edison’s invention stood out

The television

John Logie laid the foundation for developing the current smart TVS we have in most homes. He invented an earlier version of television, and it was a mechanical television.

The steam engine

The inventor behind the steam engine was James Watt. The steam engine was crucial for the industrial revolution. He also improved the efficiency of his invention by inventing a different condensing chamber.

The lightning rod

The lightning rod was Benjamin Franklin’s inventions and its one among many. This rod saved a lot of homes from burning down because of lightning. The rod was attached to the house, and a cable was connected to it and stretched to the ground.   The rod would conduct the lightning and send the charges to the earth.

The AC electricity

Nikola Tesla was the brilliant mind behind the development of the AC electricity. The invention propelled the global use of electricity. He also invented the fluorescent lighting.

These are part of some the best inventions throughout history. The world keeps changing, and we will always see newer inventions.

By Lorah