Short Essay on Laptop


Laptops are computers that have been designed smartly to make them portable. They are also called notebook computers. These machines are prevalent in this era, and everyone strives to have a personal computer.

Reasons why people prefer laptops


Laptops are tiny as compared to desktops. They feature an L-design, and the screen and keyboard are attached. They also do not need a mouse because a trackball is inbuilt. You can carry a laptop anywhere and everywhere. They are also light in weight.


Because laptops are portable, they offer great convenience. You can carry your computer and use it anywhere you are. In addition to this, laptops have an internal battery that stores charge. Therefore, you will be able to use your notebook computer even when the power goes off.

They are powerful

While this trait does not cut across all laptops, there are those that are more powerful than desktops. Technology keeps getting better and better, and now we have extremely powerful notebook laptops. They can be used for various functions, and they will not ‘break’ under pressure.

Wireless network adaptors for internet connections

Laptops are the most convenient when it comes to connecting to the internet. You do not need any wires to connect to the internet. There are some motherboards with inbuilt Wi-Fi adaptors, but if yours does not have, you will have to pay the price of getting a new motherboard.

They occupy less space on a table

Because they are compact, they will not eat up a lot of space on your study table. You will have plenty of room for other things.

The downside


When you compare laptops and desktops, laptops are pricier. The price goes higher whenever there are more features that it offers the user.


A notebook computer has a small screen. When you stare at this screen for a long time while working, you will quickly get fatigued.

A lot of people overlook these cons because the benefits of having a laptop outweigh the pain of paying a lot of money or fatigue. That is why laptops will always be a preferred choice of a personal computer.

By Lorah