Short Essay on Leisure


Leisure is that time when you have no work to do. It is also the use of one’s free time for fun activities. Leisure is vital for healthy living since we all know that too much work without a little play makes you dull and cranky.

Benefits of leisure

Leisure is very beneficial to everyone because it improves us mentally and physically as well. Here are some of the advantages.

Offers a time to rest

When you work too much, you need to schedule your leisure time. This is the time you will spend to rest your mind as well as your body so that you can be ready for the next activities.

Leisure helps relieve stress and depression

People use leisure time to do activities that they love whether it is listening to music, watching a movie, dancing, playing basketball, and so on. These activities help with the release of serotonin which is a mood stabilizer and improves the feeling of wellness.

Keeps you physically fit

Leisure activities can significantly impact your physical fitness as you engage them. This is mainly for those that are physical and need a lot of energy to accomplish them. They will keep your body fats on the lower side; reduce cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and so on.

It improves your quality of life

When you balance between work and leisure, you become more productive in life. You will always be energetic, mentally ready, and physically ready for work. This is as compared to when you work hard and hardly take time to yourself.

Leisure activities can sharpen our skills

When you engage in your favorite activities such as playing basketball, skiing, painting, or any other activities, you are enhancing your skills. You will always be trying to be better every time.

Leisure helps with self-discovery

When you are enjoying your leisure time, you get a chance to look deeper into yourself. You will get the chance to discover what makes you, to develop your character and values, and more.

Work is important. Even so, leisure is equally as important. Without it, your health will be compromised among other things.

By Lorah