Short Essay on Library


A library is a room or a building that has a vast collection of resources that offer information such as books, periodicals, films, recordings, and more. All these sources of information are accessible by the public for free, and it operates on a ‘borrow and return’ principle. Even so, there are also private libraries created by individuals for their use.

The resources found in a library can either be physical or digital and especially in a modern library. Every society needs a library.

Reasons why libraries are important

Offers free learning materials

Some students are in need of study materials but do not have the finances to acquire the resources they need. A library gives them the chance to get them without spending a dime, and this helps to smoothen their academic journey.

Libraries preserve history

Libraries are the excellent place for historic preservation. As time goes by, what we know now becomes a part of history. When the information we have is properly documented and stored in a library, generations to come will find it.

They are excellent for self-education

A library is a place where anyone can go to study a few things for self-improvement. It does not need to be for academics or research purposes but self-education. Those that have computers can also form an excellent platform for people to explore the use of computers if they cannot afford to buy them or to pay the cyber fees.

Helps to develop reading groups

People can make friends at the library, and they can create reading or studying groups which will help them significantly. It can help one build their social behaviors.

Promotes a sense of togetherness

As you visit the library and meet other ‘book lovers’ like you, it gives you a sense of belonging. You feel like you are a part of something bigger.

It is a safe and quiet space for studying

The library is one place that has the most conducive environment to study. There are no disturbances and distractions.

There are so many reasons why libraries are an essential part of a community. The advantages they offer cannot be disputed.

By Lorah