Short Essay on Man and Woman Should Have Equal Rights

Men and women are not the same, and that is a fact just like all men are not the same, and all women are not the same. However, just because they are not the same does not mean that they should not be treated equally.

The world has come a long way to ensure that gender equality is maintained in all areas of life. While the progress is impeccable, there are still a few societies that need to learn about gender equality. Discrimination against sex damages the community and causes retrogression. The reason is that a lot of potentials are left unexplored because one gender is caged.

Some people do not want to embrace the thought of equality because they think it is all about giving women an advantage over men. That is a wrong perception of this noble course.

Ensuring that men and women have equal rights is a matter of balancing the equation between them. It is about giving equal opportunities in all areas of life. Remember, some men have also had a few issues in the past as they tried to break into female-dominated industries. This goes to show us that it is more than creating rules that will give women an upper hand.

Impact of equal rights between men and women

There have been excellent benefits of impartiality, and they include:

Equal chances to have a successful life

There are no limitations as to the kind of jobs or opportunities that each gender can have. Therefore, everyone is free to do what they can to have a successful life.

There has been more respect across genders

Whether a woman ventures into a man’s world or vice versa, people have learned to respect each other as well as their choices. The society judges no one for doing what they genuinely love.

Unity is enhanced

As people work in different positions, have equal opportunities, mingle in different professions and so on, the genders become more unified and consequently the whole nation.

Men and women need to have equal rights because partiality is an enemy of progress.

By Lorah