Short Essay on Morality


Morality is a set of principles or standards set concerning how people behave and conforms to what the society considers to be acceptable. It can also be defined as a system made up of specific values that help to tell apart the right and the wrong.

People always emphasize morality all over the world. While a lot of people have different considerations for what is wrong and what is right, a lot of people have loosened their morality cords over the years. A lot of things are now acceptable in the society while a long time ago they were forbidden.

Human values are built upon it and passed to generations

Good morals will always develop better generations to come. But when morality keeps getting diluted, the generations to come will not have a clear distinction between right and wrong. How long before other generations start to live like wild animals in human flesh?

Moral values show who a person is

Our values make us who we are. When you have the right and acceptable values in you, you will be an upright person in life. Something can be acceptable yet not right. Build yourself on the proper principles in life.

Morality helps us to build quality friendships

Everyone wants to be surrounded by a person who thinks, acts, and speaks well at all times. If you are morally bankrupt, no one will want your company. You can easily corrupt them, and we have all been warned of how bad company ruins good morals.

Morality preserves a community

Good morals preserve the world. When we uphold morality, there will be no problems such as violence, dishonesty, hatred, abuse at any level, disregard for others, human trafficking, murder, and so on.

Morality helps one to hold themselves in and deal with situations properly

There are times when something happens to you, and you wish you could express yourself in the way you want. But because of the principles in you, you will strive to express yourself rightly.

Morality is not a light subject as people may think. The society needs to build the right values for humanity to keep getting better.

By Lorah