Short Essay on Mother Nature

Mother Nature

At one point we have called the earth, ‘mother nature.’ In comparison to a mother, earth sustains our life and nurtures us in many ways. That is why the term ‘mother nature’ was birth. This is a term that reflects on the sustenance and nurturing aspects that nature provides.

Nature takes care of all forms of life in many ways. That is why when nature suffers from human actions; humans suffer as well. As living creatures, nature is our mother, and when the mother is not well, the children will not be well.

How Mother Nature takes care of us

She provides healthy foods

If there are no human interruptions, the earth produces the healthiest produce all the time without needing any chemicals. People know this, and that is why they are turning to organic foods. Under the right conditions, the ground amazes people with its fruits.

Nature gives us water

There are so many natural rivers, dams, and lakes. We also have oceans to boast of across the world. All these are gifts of nature for us to enjoy. These sources of water are channeled to provide water for our homes as well. Other than that, when you dig the ground, you will also get water, and that is why we have wells.

It lights our ways

The celestial bodies are also considered part of nature. This means that the sun and the moon are also part of nature. In the day, the sun lights our path and keeps us warm, nourish us with vitamin D, and to help plants to grow. At night we have the moon to shine our way.

Mother nature provides us with resources

There are so many natural resources that nature offers humans to utilize for various things. Human’s have used these resources to advance in life and also to develop the world. Such resources include metals, minerals, and so on.

She offers natural medicine

Other than food, Mother Nature also gives us natural medicine for our bodies.

Mother Nature has done an excellent job of taking care of people. We must honor her by taking care of her as well.

By Lorah