Short Essay on Never Judge a Book by its Cover

‘Never judge a book by its cover’ is an idiom that has been passed down from one generation to the next since time immemorial. This phrase urges us that we should never make assumptions about anything or anyone from a superficial point of view.

A lot of time people make positive or negative judgments based on what they can see or what they have heard. A lot of times one realizes they were very wrong to judge a person. A person can be right but a few times only. To be on the safe side always follow the phrase.

A wise person once told me that the lowest form of knowledge is one that comes from assumptions and there is an undisputed element of truth in that. This is particularly when it comes to people. Other than assuming anything, take time to find ‘real’ facts.

What to do

Here are two things that can help you:

Interact with people

You may have heard a lot of hear-say stories about a person. That must never be an opinion that you accept and use it to relate to a person. When you hear things about a person, find the time and interact with them first. Do not go and tell them what others have been saying. This will cause strife. Be wise and establish a relationship on a fairground. From there, you will have the first-hand experience and form accurate perceptions.

Remember that everyone has a story

Never pass judgments on a person even after you met them for the first time, and they made an impression that did not resonate well with you. Try and find out what the story behind a person could be. A lot of times, people go through situations that make them adopt certain survival behaviors that end up being a part of them.

You will be surprised that after several interactions and you learn about their stories, you will understand them better. From there, you will know how to relate to them and help them become better people.

Making assumptions can cost you a lot. Therefore, be a better person and give people the benefit of the doubt.

By Lorah