Short Essay on Personal Hygiene

Hygiene is crucial because it affects your health. There are places on our bodies where germs and parasites can thrive such as the skin and the body openings such as the mouth.   With poor hygiene, these germs and parasites can get into your body and cause health problems. Proper personal hygiene will prevent this.

Personal hygiene practices

Shower regularly

Take a bath as often as you can to eliminate these micro-organisms from your skin. Throughout the day your body excretes excess water. Other than that dust particles and micro-organisms can settle on your skin. They can get into your system and cause you health issues for instance when eating with your hands.

Wearing clean clothes

After taking a shower, you have to change into clean clothes. Dirty garments may still transfer dirt and germs to you. Therefore, they will contaminate you again, and you will not feel nor look fresh.

Brushing your teeth

Personal grooming also involves brushing and cleaning your mouth. When your ear and food particles remain in your mouth and on the teeth,   they decompose, and in the process, they can cause tooth decay and consequently bad breath. Brush your teeth, clean your tongue, and floss if you can.

Washings your hands

Wash your hands after visiting the washrooms and after changing the baby. Also, wash your hands when you want to handle food. As you start to prepare food, wash your hands with soap and water. As you go to the table to eat, ensure your hands are clean as well.

Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing

When you sneeze or cough without covering your mouth and nose, some fluid droplets from your mouth and mucus from your nose may be released into the air. This will contaminate other people if they contain disease-causing micro-organisms.

Sun-dry your clothes

The sun will destroy any disease-causing micro-organisms on your clothes. That is why it is highly recommended for ladies to sun-dry their inner garments.

Take care of yourself because you can. keep yourself in a healthy state always

By Lorah