Short Essay on Personal Safety on Road

Personal Safety on Road

Personal road safety cannot be overemphasized. A lot of accidents happen every year, and some people survive while others perish. Some measures and guidelines are put in place to ensure that people are safe on the road at all times. All you need to do to ensure personal safety is to follow them.

Always put on your safety belt

Do not be among them that think their many years on the road and the experience they have gives them a pass at wearing their safety belts. Have the belt on every time. It will save your life at some point.

Always drive with the recommended speed

Drive within your speed limits. Do not overspend while driving or feel the pressure to speed because the person behind you is continuously hooting.

Drive when you feel most comfortable

If you are not comfortable with driving at night or under the adverse weather, do not try to drive.

Always communicate about your journey

If you are going on a trip, let someone know about it. Tell them where you are going, the route that you will use, and how long you need to get there.

Observe all traffic rules

Numerous traffic rules govern every driver. Follow the rules to the end to avoid causing any accidents.

Always have your phone with you

Before you travel, charge your phone. In case of any emergencies, you can use it to communicate.

Avoid hitchhikers

You are not selfish or wicket by doing so. People use this as a means to make you pull over, and they attack you.

If another drive seems to need help, call the police

If you are alone, the wisest thing to do is to call the police. Do not stop because it may be a trap.

Only stop in well lit and busy places

If you urgently need to stop, avoid areas that are isolated and dark. Drive until you find a safe place then stop and do what you need. Ensure that you lock your car.

These are a few of the guides you need. Prioritize your safety on the road as you drive because you only have one life.

By Lorah