Short Essay on Pet Animal (Dog)

Dog (Pet Animal)

A pet is an animal that people keep at home for companionship, protection, or entertainment. Dogs are the animals that many people like to keep and over time people have concluded that dogs are friends to man.

As a companion, a dog will do almost everything with you as long as you train it and it will also protect you. In turn, you need to take proper care of it.

Taking care of your dog

Feed it properly

Just as you need healthy foods and eating habits, your dog also requires it. Give it a quality diet, and you will ward off a lot of health problems.

Clean the dog as well as its environment

Hygiene is essential for your dog. Take time to wash the dog with the appropriate shampoo once in a while. Also, clean its living environment as well as its dish.

Schedule for regular check-ups

Take the dog to a vet once in a while for check-ups. There are also some vaccines that it needs, ensure it gets them. Regular visits to a vet will help maintain good health and discover a problem before it goes out of hand.

Physical exercises

Dogs love to be engaged and to be kept active especially when young. Take your dog out for walks, play games with it, and so on. It is healthy for its development.

Proper grooming

Grooming is also essential for dogs. Take some time to trim its coat if it has a long coat. Brush it once in a while. When you notice the nails are getting longer, cut them to the right size. Also, do not forget about its dental care.

Provide it with fresh and clean water

Water is essential for the life of every creature. Ensure that your dog has access to clean and fresh water for proper hydration.

Administer oils

There are healthy oils that you can give to your dogs such as coconut oil, CBD oil, fish oil, flax seed oil, and krill oil. They have excellent health benefits when you use correctly.

Your dog’s health is as vital as yours. Take care of it to bring the best of it to the surface.

By Lorah