Short Essay on Petroleum and Its Uses


Petroleum is one of the resources that nature gives to us. It is a liquid substance that can be yellow or black, and it is found beneath the surface of the earth. The formation process follows numerous geological processes and takes more than a thousand years for the petroleum to form.

Formation process

Typically, the raw materials for petroleum are mainly dead organisms, and it is mostly algae and zooplankton. When they die and are buried deep beneath the surface below sedimentary rocks, the pressure is exerted upon them, and there is heat build-up. This process leads to its formation.

Petroleum has hydrocarbon as its components, and they have different molecular weights. It also contains some organic compounds. Petroleum is an umbrella term that includes the unprocessed crude oil that occurs naturally and the products made from petroleum.

Uses of Petroleum

Transport industry

The different types of petroleum products such as petrol and diesel are used by different modes of transportations across the world. Whether the mode of transport is by air, land, or sea, petroleum enables all these by its by-products.

Source of heat and light energy

Oil products are used for different purposes in shops, companies, and even homes and they have excellent heat value is excellent. Other than that, one can also use the less dense type of oil like kerosene for lighting at homes.


There are so many types of lubricants, and they come from petroleum. These lubricants are used on machines to help them work effortlessly by reducing friction between parts. Without it, the machine wears and tears quickly, and some fail to function.

Used in petrochemical industries

Petrochemical, as well as chemical industries, use by-products from petroleum to make products. These products include nylon, synthetic fiber, chemical fertilizer, insecticides, synthetic rubber, paints, insecticides, and more.

Petroleum is a crucial resource that has impacted our lives in ways that we cannot deny. It provides us with so many products without which our lives would be hard. All the crucial products and by-products are essential in life.

By Lorah