Short Essay on Phone


A phone is a device that a person uses to communicate with another person. This device has come a long way from its past to the present. Now we have smartphones that enable us to do a lot of things that other phones could not do. The previous versions of phones, and particularly the cell phones, were very limited to what you can do. Because of evolution, we have phones that:

Give you a lot of communication options

There is a wide range of communication options such as the use of emails, use of social media platforms, teleconferencing, video calls and video conferencing. Texting and calling experiences have become better.

Internet connection

Smartphones give you access to internet connection regardless of where you are. The beauty is that you will not have to depend on your computer entirely for internet connection. The smartphone technology is impressive and dependable.

Better features

The features of a smartphone are sophisticated and thoughtful. They always make everything quicker, better, unique, and they are beneficial. The lovely features also make them compelling and well suited for all functions. These smartphones also put a camera on everyone’s hands.

Exquisite functionality

The features that the smartphone has also enhance its functionality. Whatever task you want to perform on your smart device, you will accomplish it successfully. This includes functions like creating documents, making videos, making recordings, and so on.

A myriad of applications

There are so many applications out there that enable you to do so many things. There are applications for communications, for games, for editing different things, those that train you such as workout apps, and so many others. You can never be bored at any time with these apps.


Smartphones are much more secure as compared to the other phones. When you want to protect your information, you can use different security measures such as patterns and passwords. We also have a new generation of phones that can be protected by using your fingerprint, voice recognition, and facial recognition.

Phones are essential, but this era of smartphones is the most exciting era for everyone. These phones keep enhancing our experiences daily.

By Lorah