Short Essay on Pigeon

A pigeon is a type of bird that comes from a taxonomy called Columbidae. There are different breeds of pigeons across the world.

Fan facts about pigeons you did not know

They produce milk

We all know that only mammals produce milk for their young ones. Even so, there are a few species of birds that produce what we call crop milk and pigeons are one of them. Crop milk is a liquid that is whitish and is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, healthy proteins and fats. It is created in a part of the esophagus called the ‘crop.’ Young pigeons feed on the crop milk for around four weeks.

They can trace their home

The homing pigeon’s skills marvel a lot of people and scientists up to date. This aviary wonder shows excellent abilities. Even if you take the bird away from its home, cover their cages and keep rotating it so that they do not know where they are going, they will return. Because of their homing abilities, they were the best messenger birds for long distances.

Pigeons may be the first birds to be domesticated

Domestication of bird is assumed to have started with pigeons. The type of pigeon that was domesticated was the city pigeon also referred to as the rock pigeon. When you look at the art in modern Iraq that goes as far back as 4500 BCE, you will see these birds. They were a dependable source of food for so many years.

They can identify words

A scientific study conducted in 2016 demonstrated the pigeon’s ability to recognize words and to differentiate them from strings of letters. In the study, four pigeons built up vocabularies.

These are some of the most interesting facts about these

By Lorah