Short Essay on Plants


Plants are a type of living organisms whose cells are complex, and they manufacture their food. Scientists describe them as autotrophic eukaryotes. ‘plants’ is an umbrella term that covers trees, herbs, vines, bushes, mosses, ferns, green algae, and grasses.

Botany is the scientific study of plants. Botany shows that there are different ways to classify plants. One of the ways is whether the plant produces seeds or not.

Plants that do not produce seeds

They include:

Algae: the green algae, like other algae, live in water, and that is why they are called primitive plants.

Liverworts: these plants are tiny, and they live in damp places. They do not have a typical structure made of a root, stem, and leaves. They also lack vascular tissues.

Hornworts: They are similar to liverworts, but they but they have a sporophyte.

Mosses: Mosses are plants that grow near sources of water and on wet surfaces. These plants do not need soil for them to develop that is why they can grow on rocks.

Ferns: these plants are vascular. Like the other plants, it is found on damp environments but can survive longer with less water.

Plants that produce seeds

In this category, we have gymnosperms and angiosperms.


These are plants that do not produce flowers or fruits. Their seeds are not enclosed in an ovary. Examples include:

Ginkgo: the only species available is the Ginkgo Biloba. It has fan-shaped leaves and produces fleshy seeds. A tree can be male or female.

Conifers: their trunks are woody and bring forth cones that have seeds. A tree has male and female cones. The male cones produce pollen that fertilizes the female seed cone.


These are flower-bearing plants that have male and female parts. The male produces pollen grains that are dispersed and reach the female part to form an embryo. A fruit will ultimately be formed, and it will produce seeds and protect them within it.

Under this category we have:

Monocotyledons: they have one seed leaf such as a maize seed.

Dicotyledons: have two seed leaves such as beans

These are some of the things to know about plants.

By Lorah