Short Essay on Police Station

Police Station

The Service of Police generally falls under the emergency service category for the society. In reference to this, the Police Stations are established for the overall administration of the Police Service for the safety and security of the civilians of a society.

A Police Station is built in every area and division that falls under the jurisdiction of the administered area. It is a building that serves to accommodate the Police Officers and other staffs of the Police Station. The further description of a Police Station goes in the following way:

  1. The Police Station usually consists of offices for working staffs, accommodation of the staff and vehicles, locker rooms, temporary prisoner holding cells, interrogation room and control room.
  2. The temporary prisoner cell in a Police Station is also referred as custody suite.
  3. Several Police Stations also contains Property Room for storing the evidence and seized property.
  4. In the Police Stations usually, the complaint is filed against the convicted for any criminal or any other kind of anti-social activity that harms the social peace and order.
  5. The Cyber Cell operates in finding out the Cybercriminals and file complaints against the convicts who break the cyber law for his or her personal motive or benefit.
  6. The cybercriminals arrested for the filed cases of hacking, using malware, phishing, etc. are detained in the Cyber Cell of the Police Station.

The Police Station holds the administration power for law and order in the jurisdiction area, and it has the power of security for the civilians of the nation. Currently, many of the Police Stations are equipped with super-computers and other advanced instruments for detecting the location of the criminals very fast. Thus Police Stations are the safest place for the civilians who get disturbed due to the crimes.

By Vishakha