Short Essay on Pollution and its Types


Among the most unwanted elemental formations in nature, Pollution is one of such unwanted formation which is caused due to the contamination of various impure, dirt particles, harmful chemicals, gaseous particles, etc. and adversely affects the natural environment. It is the process of contamination of any harmful foreign substances or pollutants that lead to an extremely bad formation of the natural environment. It takes the form of chemical substances or energy such as noise, air, heat, light, etc. Thus, Pollution affect the nature adversely. They are Air Pollution, Land Pollution, Water Pollution, Noise Pollution, and Light Pollution.

The various types of Pollution are as follows:

  1. Air Pollution– Air Pollution is caused due to the release of carbon particles into the air from the burning of fuels, contamination of dangerous gases like nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor and inert gases. The other sources of air pollution are smoke and dust particle, smog, etc.
  2. Land Pollution– Land Pollution is mostly caused due to household garbage and industrial wastes. Due to the formation of organic material from the garbage and plastics that remains in the garbage are the main sources of land pollution.
  3. Water Pollution– Water Pollution is caused due to the contamination of dangerous chemical, sewage, industrial wastes, pesticides and fertilizers that contains lead or mercury. The marine organisms are harmed mainly due to the adverse effects of water pollution.
  4. Noise pollution– Noise pollution is caused when the sound coming from different sources exceeds the threshold limit of the Decibel. The source of sound pollution can be the noise of the airplanes, fighter jets, industrial equipment, and other sources that reach the harmful level.
  5. Light Pollution– Light Pollution is mainly caused due to the usage of high voltage and different forms of electric lights in the modern world. One of the consequences is due to the presence of artificial lights, some birds sing at unnatural hours.

Thus it can be determined from the discussion of the different types of pollutions that the balance of the natural eco-system and the environment is disturbed due to these pollutions.

By Vishakha