Short Essay on River

A river can be defined as a geographical formation of a large natural water body that flows like a stream in a widespread channel to the sea, a lake, or another river. A river is usually a freshwater flowing watercourse. Sometimes, a river flows into the lower region and becomes dry at the end of its course without uniting with another body of water. The rivers are the part of the natural hydrological cycle. A river begins at a source, follows a path of flowing called a course and ends at a mouth or mouths.

Below are the listed benefits that are derived from a river for the growth and development of a civilization:

  1. The fresh water of the rivers can be used for cooking, washing, drinking, bathing and other household activities.
  2. It is a very good source of irrigation for the cultivation of crops.
  3. River water is used for the generation of Hydel power electricity.
  4. It is used for the transportation purpose.
  5. Deliver waters are used for running big machines in the Industrial areas.

The river waters are polluted due to the disposal of Industrial wastes and sewage which become harmful for the consumption of the civilization and pollute the environment. The measures to protect the river waters from pollution are as mentioned below:

  1. The disposal of any fat or oily substances in river water should be avoided.
  2. The disposal of chemicals or cleaning agents in the river water should be avoided.
  3. Performing any household activities like cleaning, washing, bathing, etc. in the river water should be avoided.
  4. Garbage disposal in the river water should be avoided.
  5. There should be minimal exposal of pesticides and fertilizers in the river waters.

The river is the source of civilization which is known from the ancient history. It is the most important source of water around the civilization. So protecting river waters are an essential responsibility of mankind.

By Vishakha