Short Essay on Road Safety

Road safety is the measure and rules set by the traffic department that is used by the pedestrians and vehicle drivers to prevent accidents and serious injuries in the road. The traffic safety rule varies depending on the regulations of different Nations. The road safety measures are implemented for safeguarding the vehicle passengers, cyclists, motorists, pedestrians, and other vehicle drivers from serious accidents and maintaining clean and clear traffic throughout the city. The maintenance of speed limits of the vehicles is one of the crucial factors in road safety which avoids the crushing of the vehicles and increases the chances of survival for an unprotected pedestrian. The implementation of the road safety measures brings discipline in the running of vehicles at the busy hours of the day.

The road safety rules for maintenance of the traffic are listed as below:

  1. The road users should know properly the use of all the traffic signals that include Green (Means to Go), Red (Means to Stop) and Yellow (Means to Slow Down).
  2. The pedestrians should follow the ‘walk’ or a walking man symbol at the intersection of the roads for walking through the lane.
  3. While crossing roads the red and green signals should always be followed and crossed through the zebra crossing.
  4. The pedestrians should always walk over the pavements of the road.
  5. While crossing roads the pedestrians should be very attentive in looking at the left and right and then again left and then cross the street.

The reason for the following of road safety rules are as mentioned below:

  1. For maintaining the safety standards of the road users, the road safety rules should be followed.
  2. The road safety measures should be developed, to avoid accidents and serious injuries while traveling on the road.
  3. For maintaining clean traffic on the busy streets, road safety rule should be followed.
  4. To avoid the damage of vehicles and collision on the road, the traffic safety rules should be followed.
  5. To maintain discipline on the road and prevent death due to severe accidents, people should follow the road safety rules.

Thus road safety rules are made for the safety and security of the people traveling on the road and to follow them strictly as laid down is the primary responsibility of all the people.

By Vishakha