Short Essay on ‘Save Nature, Save Life’

Save Nature, Save Life

Nature is the creator of civilization and life on Earth. Every biotic and abiotic component of the surroundings comprises of Nature. Nature is the supernatural creation of God which encloses all the living and non-living bodies in the globe. To mention about the living components of the Mother Nature are trees, animals, human beings, soil, birds, fishes, etc. and to mention about the non-living components of nature are mountains, rivers, ocean, valleys, rocks, etc. All the living and non-living components of nature comprise together to form the ecosystem that relates to the concept of all the organisms in the environment are engaged in a relationship with every other aspect of that environment. In the current scenario, the healthy existence of nature is at stake. Thus, “Save nature, save life”, means “the measures used for saving nature are the measures used for saving the life”.

Therefore, “save nature, save life” are not merely words but something we should all strive to work toward. Such measures are as follows:

  1. Reducing the cutting down of trees and planting more trees would protect the nature and prevent floods and earthquake which would save life on earth.
  2. People should avoid using plastic bags that degrade the quality of soil and cultivate fresh crops on a better quality soil thus saving life.
  3. People should restrict the usage of non-renewable sources of energy to save life on Earth.
  4. Conserving water and avoid improper use of excess water to save life on Earth.
  5. People should use fewer chemicals for washing purposes that harms the environment.
  6. The disposal of the toxic waste materials that damage the soil and the groundwater by soaking into the earth should also be avoided.
  7. Preventing water pollution by avoiding the disposal of harmful and poisonous chemicals in the water bodies.
  8. Using less electricity that causes the combustion of coal and natural gas and which in turn pollutes the air.
  9. The air pollution which is caused by the harmful emission of cars and buses also harms the environment, and thus fuel consumption should be minimized.

Thus it can be concluded from the above article that saving nature and environment of the earth would help in protecting life on earth as all are the components of the entire ecosystem.

By Vishakha