Short Essay on ‘Save the Planet Earth’

The Planet Earth can be saved by saving the nature and environment of the planet which supports life on the Planet. The basic essential elements that comprise the planet Earth are Fire, Air, Water, Earth (Soil) and Space. These components are the creator of life on earth, and the disturbance in any of these components would disturb the complete balance of life on Earth. Thus to save the planet Earth, these five elements should be protected for the sustenance of life on Earth. The different types of pollution like the air, water, thermal, soil and the radioactive pollution are a serious threat to the environment of the Earth.

The Earth should be saved to support life in the whole universe. As it is believed that Earth is the only planet in the solar system that has the complete existence of life with the presence of every kind of life-supporting components. Thus protecting the components Air, Water, Soil, etc. from harmful contamination or pollutants can lead to saving a life to a wider extent. The Earth is the home to thousands of species of animals and living beings that are divided into various spheres of the earth. Several measures should be adopted for the protection of these living beings on Earth.

Thus the earth can be saved by planting more trees which are called as afforestation and avoiding the use of gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide that pollutes the air and produces Greenhouse effect in the environment. Formation of this Greenhouse effect is one of the causes for global warming which is leading to the melting of the huge glaciers of the Antarctica Ocean and Greenland. Due to the melting of the glaciers, there is a high rise in the sea level, which is leading to natural calamities like Tsunami and causing floods in several parts of the globe.

It can be concluded from the above article that to save the planet Earth, different kinds of pollution should be controlled along with the reduction in the effects of global warming which is a severe threat to the existence of life on Earth.

By Vishakha