Short Essay on School

School is the institution that creates the future of the enrolled students with the guidelines of discipline, mannerism, knowledge, and other extra-curricular activities which is also essential to the extent of life. The institution provides learning environments for the students under the complete guidance of the teachers. It is included in the system of formal education which is mandatory for everybody in this world. Students acquire the basic knowledge from the foundation called The School and aspire for the progress of that knowledge through a series of schools.

Depending on the level of education of the students, the school can be categorized as a primary and secondary school. The young children are enrolled in the primary school where they are taught with the learning of infantry level to young age. The teenagers who have completed the primary education go for the secondary school where higher education is taught. It can be regarded as the benefits of school which categorizes the level of education for the students with the level of intelligence that grows with age. To list down the other primary benefits of school are as follows:

  1. The school provides a structure of formal education which is systematic for the students and that intern proves beneficial for their growth in the career.
  2. It provides a platform for learning about the different perspectives of the society like religion, respect for the nation, necessary disciplines, etc.
  3. Apart from the bookish knowledge, it provides the student the platform to explore their skills in other activities like sports, indoor and outdoor games, social activities, cultural activities, etc.
  4. The school gives us the basic education and develops the understanding of mankind, humanity, social life, etc.
  5. It is the first institution that makes the student literate.
  6. The most important benefit of studying in school is that it teaches the student to face challenges and competition in life.
  7. The management and leadership quality is also first developed in school.

It can be inferred that school is the most positive and foremost institution in a student’s life that structures the growth in its life with every positivity.

By Vishakha