Short Essay on Science and Religion

Science and Religion are the two most contradictory topics ever in this world. Though both the subjects are different from each other yet there is a connection between the two. Science and Religion as addressed by the modern historians are the two compatible conceptions resembling the modern understandings of science and religion. Prior to the various scientific innovations, all the technical jobs that were performed had been organized by the societies with religious traditions.

Some religious men believe in some supernatural powers, and they also have detailed scientific explanation behind many of them it.

The concept of religion emerged in the 17th century. The science and its explanations emerged in the 19th century with its modern shape in the society.

Behind every factual description there used to be a scientific explanation in those medieval ages.

The religious practice that the people of the 19th century believed about the period of the solar eclipse is that during the eclipse a daemonic power would appear, that would destroy and eat up everything.

But it had a scientific explanation behind it that during the period of solar eclipse, there would be absence of sunlight at least to an extent. So at that time various germs and micro-organisms would be active which generally dies or become inactive due to the effect of sunlight, and that would attack the food and the humans. For this reason, all the foods are kept covered, and everyone is advised not to go out of the house.

Both Science and Religion are complex endeavors. Their understanding have changed over the time and varied across cultures.

By Vishakha