Short Essay on Science in Everyday Life

Science in Everyday Life

In today’s modern world, the everyday life of the human civilization is dependent on Science and its applications. Science influences most of the aspects of the daily life that includes food, energy, medicine, transportation, all the household works, leisure activities, education, etc. Right from waking up in the morning, we need to go to the toilet where we use bathing shower and geyser which are the invention of Science and making our life more comfortable. For keeping the food fresh and preserving the food materials, we use the refrigerator in our daily life which is also an invention of science. To generalize the fact, all the electronic products we use in the household works are inventions of science.

Without the scientific applications, starting from light, electricity and even drinking water, we cannot live for a single day. We get eccentric and so much impatient during the hours of load shedding.

Due to the modernized lifestyle of the human beings, science is the basic necessity in everyday life. The people are getting lazy and pleasure-seeking gradually due to their dependency on Science.

The inventions of electronic gadgets like mobile phones and laptops have made the life of the human being effortless to connect and work with a faster pace.

With the invention of the vacuum cleaner, the household work has become easier. All the invisible dust that can cause allergic infection in the human body also gets cleaned with the help of vacuum cleaner.

The invention of the microwave oven helps the working ladies to cook food in a few minutes thus saving a lot of time during the busy hours.

With the help of the car, railway, and airplanes we can travel to different locations of the world at a very less time.

With the introduction of the concept of the internet, we can connect to different people at different locations of the world.

Thus it can be concluded that science and its application are beneficial to the modern lifestyle of the humans which saves time and effort for the daily activities that in turn energizes them to perform in the professional life.

By Vishakha