Short Essay on Science is a boon or curse

Science and its applications have a significant influence on the daily life of all the humans mainly residing in the urban population. All the scientific inventions to date have a positive and negative effect in the human life. Thus the topic “Science is a boon or curse” is an evergreen contradictory topic that has no ending phrase. Right from the invention of Steam locomotives to the invention of smartwatches in recent days, everything has a positive and negative side just like that of a coin with a head and a tail. The most beneficial thing that can be inferred from the early days, that with the different scientific explanations the wrong concept about the religions and supernatural powers could be removed from the minds of the people. Below listed are the explanations regarding the mentioned topic:

  1. The invention of the electricity had brought comfort in the life of people, but along with that due to the production of electricity from thermal power or hydel power, it causes pollution in the environment.
  2. The inventions of the cars and other vehicles had made our transportation easy, but the poisonous gases that are produced by the burning of the fuels are harmful air pollutants.
  3. The invention of chemical substances such as the pesticides and fertilizers help in the healthy growth of crops, but excess use of this chemical makes the crops poisonous, and intake of these food crops causes severe diseases and deformities in humans.
  4. The invention of mobile phones has shrunk the world to a smaller globe bringing everyone closer to each other, but the overutilization of the mobile phones can cause severe damage to human health.
  5. The invention of the television has opened a way for entertainment at home during the leisure but watching television excessively; the radiations can harm the lens of the eyes.
  6. The various inventions of nuclear weapons benefitted the armed forces of several nations, but during its production, the radioactive waves generated are extremely harmful to the environment.
  7. Different medicines like painkillers and steroids prescribed by doctors to relieve pains, also have a side effect that negatively affects the physical health.

Thus it can be concluded from the above discussion that science has both advantages and disadvantages. Using the applications of science more wisely and intelligently can make it a boon for the society or else a curse.

By Vishakha