Short Essay on Self-awareness and Its Benefits


To understand about self-awareness, it is a psychological state that defines the inner-self of a person. It is the intelligence of understanding the inner power of thought, belief, and motivation that reflects the thinking phenomenon of an individual. It is the power to monitor and notice the spiritual world of emotions that instigates the ideas and thoughts of an individual.

Self-awareness is not only about what we notice about ourselves, but it is also about how to notice and monitor our inner world. It is all about paying attention to our internal state with an open heart. It is a psychological state which is related to the indulgence into inner-self with the acquisition of all the powers of self-recognition and consideration.

The benefits achieved from self-awareness are as follows:

  1. It brings inner-peace and instigates to stay with more peace with inner-self.
  2. Improves the level of communication with more clarity.
  3. The decision making of an individual is simplified than before.
  4. An individual can achieve the objective with a clear purpose and direction.
  5. It helps in gaining the enriched life experience.
  6. It helps in finding true fulfillment and inner-contentment.
  7. It raises the inner-optimism level in an individual.

Thus from the above article, it can be inferred that the self-awareness is the psychological state of an individual that raises the inner-power of self-identification and simplification. It leads to clear thinking with self-consciousness. Self-awareness helps in leading a sensual, happier and more fulfilling life brings the ability in an individual to act consciously instead of reacting to people’s activity and events. It helps in realizing the greater depth of experience and enjoyment of life. It enables an individual to live courageously and without any limits. It brings out the ability of an individual to make their dreams come true. It about being the real you. It is about excavating the inner-soul, inner-desires and inner-dreams that shows a positive direction to achieve the objective of life thus by breaking all the hinders in life and overcoming all the challenges.

By Vishakha