Short Essay on Ship and Its Benefits


A ship is a huge water vehicle or watercraft that travels the world’s rivers, oceans and other deep waterways carrying passengers or goods or travel in the support of specialized missions like the Navy Ship, fishing and marine research. In the previous days, ship was sailing vessel with a full bowsprit and at least three square-rigged masts. Ships are generally bigger in size than the boats with distinguished shape and capacity. In the historic times, Ship was of huge commercial importance. It was one of the greatest contributors to human migration and commerce. The rich businessman of those days used to travel by ship for the commercial purposes in different countries. In the recent days, the ship is of huge in size with all kinds of luxuries installed within the ships.

Benefits of ship

The passenger carrying ships are more luxurious with all kinds of available benefits than the goods carrying merchant ships. The benefits of ship are as follows:

  • Ship encourages the multiple benefits of foreign trade compared with air, rail or road transport.
  • Ship provides a huge benefit of carrying bigger volumes of cargo in a comparable less time and it is increasing with increasing performance of the merchant navy fleet.
  • The merchandise of the export and import of raw-materials have increased with increase and secured service of ship.
  • Ship is the most cost-effective seaborne transport for transporting goods through long distances.
  • The marine industry is less harmful for the environment in comparison to the road transport.
  • In current scenario, the transportation of goods through sea-route is safe as there are reduced losses by incidents since decades.

Thus it can be concluded that the passenger transportation ship is more expensive than the merchandise ship with low freight costs. Ship provides huge facilities to the boarders who desire to travel long distances through ship. It the economic way of transporting raw-materials to different countries with tough and proper security.

By Vishakha