Short Essay on Space Exploration and Its Benefits

Space Exploration

The space exploration is a massive arena of researching and studying the several aspects of space with high-end technologies. Space is a high-tech arena where the rival ideologies clashed, displaying their technological prowess under the watchful eyes of the entire globe. There has always been a huge competition between the space powers of USSR and USA. The government sponsors all the early space activities with the emergence of a new rational and being the pragmatic use of space as the higher ground for improving life on Earth. Starting from the satellite launching to satellite navigation program or any other space program, all of these fall under the category of Space Exploration. The space activities provide socio-economic benefits to the nation.

The benefits of space exploration are prevalent in today’s world to emphasize the scientific and socio-economic improvement around the world.

The benefits of space exploration are listed as below:

  1. Space exploration has provided a significant amount of knowledge that is essential for the education and understanding of the planetary system and the Universe.
  2. Due to space exploration, we have come to know about different spatial facts about the Planets, Meteorites, and Galaxies.
  3. The successful investigation of the lunar missions provided knowledge regarding the moon surfaces to the students.
  4. The launching of different satellites for the weather forecast, telescopic satellites, etc. is beneficial for capturing images for the Universe for the knowledge of the world.
  5. Through the space exploration, it is very interesting to know about the unknown facts which are unexplored to date.
  6. The spy satellite in the space gathers crucial information about other Nations which help in strategizing the administrative action of a nation.
  7. The telescopic satellites are used to discover the new galaxies and planets across the Universe.
  8. The study of space exploration benefits the educational extent among the students.
  9. Space exploration also helps in increasing the economic and technological status of a nation.
  10. It serves as an inspiration to humankind for raising the interest regarding space among the people.

The study of space exploration has a lot of benefits that directly acts to the growth of a nation. This is a subject of research which is carried out by the eminent space scientist throughout the world to explore the extent of the unknown world.

By Vishakha