Short Essay on Sports and Its Value

Sports are an essential field which entertains people along with takes care of the health and physical fitness of human beings. Doctors advise for doing exercise regularly, Yoga, playing sports, etc. to be fit. Sports are of both economic and health value to the people. To keep healthy one must take an active interest in sports. It is good to spend quality time of a day in playing sports as it brings freshness in mind and energies for work. The great advantage of sports is combined with exercise, excitement, and sensations.

The value of sports for every human being is mentioned as follows:

  1. Sports serve an essential purpose in life for ensuring good health and building a healthy physique.
  2. Exercise should be done readily in popper pattern, and all kind of sports need to be practice for gaining confidence.
  3. The sports benefit not only the body but also mind to a certain degree as possessing the skill of sport is a mental quality.
  4. Participation in sports develops and encourages the spirit of healthy competition.
  5. Sports introduce a bright career for the youths who are dedicated in this field.
  6. The practice of sports like Lawn Tennis, Hockey, Football and rowing games exercise to the limbs but also provides excitement and entertainment.
  7. It improves the immunity level of a human body which prevents from the attacks of many germs and diseases.

The value of sports brings physical fitness for playing the games and the development in skill to certain degree requirements for playing the game. The sprite of sportsmanship brings the constancy of performance, sense of fair play, capacity for teamwork, confidence, cooperation and sense of discipline. It is an excellent quality in a man that enables to accept a defeat cheerfully. Playing sports helps to gain positive energy in oneself and teach the person to be honest and fair with his other team members. The value of sports brings physical vigor, and it is considered as a crucial part of education.

By Vishakha