Short Essay on The Gift of Nature

When you look at your environment, there are so many things that surround you whether you can see them or not. Some are on the surface of the earth while others are beneath it. Nature is beautiful, and there are so many things that it provides us with to make use of and enjoy. These things are what we refer to as gifts of nature.

A lot of people have different lists for the gifts of nature. But the lists encompass things like minerals, stones, metal ores, trees, plants, the sun, the rain, water, salts, fuel, and so much more. All these are resources for human beings made available by Mother Nature.

All these gifts are essential for us, and we can harness their characteristics and enjoy the various benefits they have to offer people. With such gifts, nature enables us to enjoy life. Even so, there is a catch. We have a role to play, and it is to ensure there is a perfect balance.

Serves as a source of food and medicine

Plants and trees are a source of food and fruits. As it stands, plants are the healthiest food options in the world, and they nourish the world excellently. Other than their use for food, a lot of plants and trees are used for medicinal purposes. Even modern medicine still uses some plants and trees.

Can be used for economic growth and development

Mining the minerals, metals, and stones among others can significantly help a country to grow economically. These resources can be used in a trade or to make items that can be used by the public. In the process, there will be economic growth.

Offers us natural sources of energy

Nature gives us the sun energy that is good for our bodies. Other than that, it is also good for the environment at large. Other than that we can also source energy from water and the natural fuels we have.

The gift of nature is of great significance to us. To enjoy every benefit the gifts offer, we must play our roles diligently.

By Lorah