Short Paragraph on Adventure

Adventure commonly can be defined as a set of exciting and thrilling activities that brings us a sense of intense excitement, victory and courage.

However, the real definition of adventure depends entirely on an individual.

  • Adventure by definition involves us trying out sometime new, which is always a learning experience.
  • Adventure also implies we put ourselves outside our regular comfort zone to have unusual experiences. This is a huge fuel for growth and self discovery.
  • Adventure demands and teaches us courage, resilience and self-confidence.
  • For some, adventure tourism and risky sports are their favorite form of adventure.
  • Some others may find their everyday life equally adventurous in a new city, new workplace and so on.

Adventure is not an activity but an attitude. As long as any activity is making us feel thrilled, excited, bold, and pushing past our old, familiar comfort corners to learn new things and grow, we are till then definitely having an adventure.

By Vishakha