Short Paragraph on Advertisement

Advertisement can be defined as a promotional statement, image, short video, film or song, and such communication contents which aims to promote a product or service and persuade people to buy the same.

The main aspects of advertisement are as follows –

  • Advertisement is a marketing strategy of sellers to convince buyers in order to procure sales.
  • The advertisement industry is a whopping multi-billion industries worldwide.
  • The entire world’s consumerism runs on advertisements in some form or the other.
  • We can never tell for which claim of an advertisement is genuine, as the objective is always to convince and sell products by any means, including falsehood.
  • Advertisement industry often employs some of the very harmful social stereotypes to tempt potential customers, such as racism, body shaming, gender bias and so on.

Every child should be taught by conscious parents how to objectively read, view and understand the real message behind advertisements, so they can become wise enough to decide which product is genuinely good and healthy and which others are harmful and deceptive.

By Vishakha