Short Paragraph on All That Glitters Are Not Gold

All that glitters are not gold is an English proverb or old saying. A proverb can be defined as a common dating, an old and short sentence passed down culturally, through time, which holds a valuable life lesson, a wise idea or an advice inside it.

  • It means that everything that appears attractive may not be genuine or heathy.
  • This proverb warns us to look beyond outer appearances, be it of people, places, situations or things, and not be deceived by the externals.
  • It brings us the lesson that “beauty is beyond skin deep” and genuine people, places and things need not always “outwardly look” tempting and lucrative.
  • Similarly, it teaches us that all that is lucrative and tempting might not even be real, deep down.
  • It helps us understand how looks can be deceptive and urges us to develop keener insights into life.

Many of us have heard stories of how one felt deceived by advertisements making tall claims, or politicians promising change, but they later proved to be only outer hollow promises and the appearance tricked people. This proverb teaches us to be careful against such gullibility.

By Vishakha