Short Paragraph on An Ideal Friend

An ideal friend can be defined as the friend who loves us genuinely, unconditionally and wishes our well no matter what. However, the idea of ideal friends may differ from person to person.

The importance of having such ideal friends in our lives as follows:

  • These friends make us feel not judged, but understood, accepted and comfortable.
  • Same time, these genuine well-wishers don’t lie, flatter or please us against our well-being and they won’t hesitate to tell us our mistakes and flaws, to help us grow.
  • Ideally, a friend serves as one’s close and strong support system and at the same time, their best critic.
  • An ideal friend will challenge us to become a better person, and also motivate us on our path.
  • An ideal friendship honors healthy boundary between two friends and never try to control, possess or dominate each other.

In life, many will bond with us in good friendship, but only a few will prove to be this ideal friend who knows how to balance the friendship to bring us true companionship, care, constructive criticism and unconditional Love.

By Vishakha