Short Paragraph on Annual Function

Annual function can be defined as the once-a-year function of an organization, community, society or country that happens every year. Every school or college has their own annual function that happens at the end of one syllabus year.

  • Annual functions become iconic and representative of the organizational unity, cohesiveness and solidarity.
  • This event annually celebrates the unit, that is the organization or the group, as one big family.
  • Schools host annual functions every year, where students and teachers perform side by side.
  • Annual functions have cultural values, legacy of a community or organization and community pride intrinsic to it.
  • Most school going students love to participate in skits, dramas, recitation, dance performances and singing during their school annual function.

Annual day functions are every School’s annual highlight, pride and point of festivity. During this event, teachers, students, officials all work together harmoniously to put up a great show.

By Vishakha