Short Paragraph on Annual Sports Day in School

Every school has their own Annual Sports Day. An Annual Sports Day in School can be defined as that once-a-year sports event of a school, where students, teachers and school employees all take part in various sports activities.

  • On this day, the focus shifts from growing our brain muscles to flexing our physical ones.
  • Most children love sports, so this day is a happy and fun event for most school students.
  • Various sports competition such as running, jumping, relay race, hurdle race and several other games and sports competitions are held on this day.
  • The winners are bestowed with various gifts, medals and toffees.
  • It is a day that helps us remember that outdoor activity and physical fitness is as important ad intellectual skills.

An Annual Sports Day in School is a fun event, meant to help children embrace the spirit of sportsmanship. This day should never become a forced-upon or overtly competitive event that can then do children more harm than good.

By Vishakha