Short Paragraph on Life in a Village (India)

Indian is made of countless villages and more than 80% of Indians live in villages or areas. Life in a village is much different from city life and we need to understand its nuances properly.

  • Villagers generally lead a very simple life, mostly peaceful and unceremonious and it teaches us much about life.
  • Life in village upholds the original Indian culture closer to our roots and becomes a mirror to our heritage.
  • This also has an opposite effect, as villages often tend to cling on to orthodox, outdated, unscientific life choices and beliefs that hinder social transformation.
  • Villages of India are home to our great farmers and agricultural workers who produce food for the entire nation.
  • Life in villages promotes health and happiness as people there lead active and simplistic lives.
  • Life in villages foster simpler and real engagement with people, Nature and life, compared to the urban, digitized, mechanical lifestyle.

Life in village is something every individual should experience at least once, to glean out the good values, the goodness of the culture and the benefits of simple living that urban life makes us forget.

By Vishakha